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The Delights of Daily Contact Lenses


6 min                Oct. 22, 2021

Imagine a world where an easy daily routine makes your eyesight problems disappear. It’s a lovely dream - like being able to fly or win the lottery. But in this case, the dream is easy to turn into reality - thanks to ultra-light and almost invisible daily disposable contact lenses.

Each lens is discarded after use and replaced by a clean one the next morning, giving you clear and comfortable vision. And the bonus? No maintenance or cleaning required! That’s the wondrous world of daily disposables.



Daily disposable lenses are the perfect solution for anyone seeking the easiest, most convenient way to enjoy contact lenses. They’re also great for occasional wearers, who prefer to switch between the benefits of contact lenses and glasses, whether for the whole day or during special events.


Some prefer monthly disposables, but for many people, daily disposables are their entry ticket to an exciting new world. They’re an easy way to try out contact lenses, discovering what it’s like to wear these optical marvels and become accustomed to a transformative experience. Having discovered just how much you can see and enjoy leads to a very pleasant decision. Either stick with daily disposables or move on to a monthly option, to enjoy wearing lenses every day.



One of the best things about daily disposable contact lenses is how easy they are to use. If you keep a few pairs at hand, it takes just a moment to pop them in, any time you want a break from glasses - for a day, or just part of it.


After occasional use, many people decide to make daily disposables part of their everyday lives. Applying them becomes part of the morning bathroom routine, perhaps after an invigorating shower. It’s certainly best to do this before applying make-up or brushing teeth, to avoid getting cosmetics or water on pristine lenses.


Once the fresh pair of contact lenses is in place, you can head to the gym, go out to a party or simply get on with your day.



Being thin and soft, daily disposable contacts are super-comfortable. The only way you know they’re in place is simple: you can see brilliantly! You’ve got back the freedom of natural vision, with no limitations caused by clumsy glasses frames.


Then, the evening routine is dead simple. Out come the contact lenses. There’s no need to fiddle about with cleaning solutions. The contact lenses go straight into the bin (not down the drain), and you go straight to bed!


The beauty of the modern daily disposable contact lens is that it can correct almost any condition. Whether you are short-sighted (myopic), long-sighted (hyperopic) and with or without astigmatism, you are catered for. There are even daily disposable multifocal contacts for presbyopes (anyone who lost the elasticity of the lens in their eyes - it happens to us all, from around 40 onwards).


In short, whatever your eye condition, you can enjoy the freedoms and convenience of daily wear. Anyone can join the clear sight party. What’s more, there’s a heap of choices to select from, in terms of lens materials and designs. Talk to your optometrist to find what fits best with your eyes and needs.



Whilst enjoying the liberating clarity of daily disposables, the most important thing to consider is continued good eye care. This means focusing on cleanliness as well as looking out for any signs of discomfort. Daily disposable contact lenses are not designed to be worn overnight.


If you have a slip up and forget to take them out one evening, make sure you wash your hands before attempting to remove them on waking up. Blink forcefully several times or apply rewetting drop for contact lenses before taking out your lenses. If your eyes feel strained or look red, it’s smart to take a break from contact lens wear.


If, however, you want to wear your lenses overnight, do talk to your optometrist and ask for advice. There are lenses you can sleep with - but they may not be suitable for your eyes. Whatever lenses you favour, during use your contact lenses will pick up debris from your eye, eyelids and the environment. Some of this is cleaned naturally through tears when you blink, but deposits will build up over time. If this is not removed through cleaning it may cause irritation, a reddening of the eye and discomfort.


The obvious way to avoid this risk is to follow the guidance and instructions given to you by your optometrist. Put simply, unless prescribed, never be tempted to sleep with your lenses in - and never reuse them! That way you will profit from all the benefits - in terms of comfort, clear vision and fun - whilst reducing and avoiding potential risks.


So what else do you need to know about daily disposables? For convenience and portability, each contact lens is packed in its own individual blister pack. There is a small premium when buying daily disposables (compared to the cost of monthly lenses plus solutions), but the higher per-unit cost may be balanced by less frequent use if, for example, you only wear lenses for three or four days each week. Buying a 90 instead of a 30 pack further reduces the cost per lens.


If you have different prescriptions for each eye, you will need to buy and use two boxes. The easy approach is to keep your left eye lenses to the left of your washbasin and right eye contact lenses to the right. Each blister pack will be individually and clearly marked with its respective power. Obvious, right? Or is that left? You know what we mean!


When deciding whether to go for daily disposables or monthlies, it pays to talk it through with your optometrist. He or she can advise on which are most suitable, considering your unique eyes, plus how, when and for how long you plan to wear your lenses. Read up on the Monthlies option, then make a decision, together with your optometrist. 


We think you’ll choose daily disposables if you want to make your life and contact lens wear easy and hassle free. Plus, you will do great things for your eye health, comfort and vision.


Daily disposables are the smart choice if you don’t want to spend time cleaning lenses or having to carry around a contact lens case and bottle of cleaning solution. Instead, all you’ll need is a supply of lenses in their blister packs - ready to open whenever you decide to treat your eyes to their daily dose of comfortable, clear sight!