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So comfortable, they feel like nothing at all.

Treat your eyes to exceptional
comfort with DAILIES TOTAL1TM


Make the switch to water gradient contact lenses

The world’s first and only water gradient contact lens—DAILIES TOTAL1TM places water at the lens surface, resulting in a gentle cushion of moisture that combines with an ultra-soft surface.

Lens with water gradient cross-section

A lens that feels like nothing

DAILIES TOTAL1TM uses Water Gradient Contact Lens Technology to ensure a layer of moisture and nearly 100% water on the surface. It’s the kind of comfort that makes your eyes feel like they’re wearing nothing.

Cross-section showing water gradient percentages

Get a comfort boost

SmarTearsTM Technology in every pair of DAILIES TOTAL1TM releases an ingredient found in natural tears. This ingredient helps stop your tears from evaporating, preventing irritation and dryness while keeping your eyes hydrated and your vision clear. At the end of the day, your eyes will feel as comfortable as they did at the start.

Lens surface, Tear film and Tear Evaporation

Keep your eyes in check

Let us help you find a professional so you can make sure your eyes stay healthy and your prescription up to date.

Girl with sketch pen and board


For those who want to experience superior breathability, look no further. These contacts are convenient and luxuriously comfortable.

Always talk to your Eye Care Practitioner to ensure these products are right for you

Seeing is believing

Tired of frames slipping down your nose or foggy eyeglasses? DAILIES TOTAL1TM can enable you to live life more freely with clear vision.

Find out how to care for your lenses.


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Everything you need to wear lenses safely and on the daily.

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