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See up close, far and everything in between with TOTAL1™ Multifocal

So you can leave your reading glasses at home on date nights



The world’s first and only Water Gradient contact lenses specifically engineered with PRECISION PROFILE Design™ to balance the effects of presbyopia for clear vision up close, far away and in between.

Its unique Water Gradient material places water at the most outer surface of the lens# - with a silicone hydrogel core that allows for excellent breathability*, and an ultra-soft surface that provides a gentle cushion of moisture.

What is presbyopia?

You’re probably wondering, presby-what? It’s a complicated name for a very common eye condition: when you have trouble focusing on things up close.

It usually happens around age 40 and it’s the single most common reason people start to wear glasses or contact lenses at this age.

Presbyopia occurs as the lens inside the eye starts to lose its flexibility, which diminishes the lens’ ability to change shape and focus light passing through the eye. This is where Multifocal comes in.

Woman in glasses trying to read a book

How do TOTAL1TM multifocal contact lenses work?


Unlike multifocal glasses that require you to look through the bottom part of the lens to read up close, TOTAL1TM multifocal contact lenses blend multiple prescriptions in one lens to allow your eyes to focus on objects at all distances. This Precision Profile DesignTM combines a bi-aspheric surface, an adaptive minus power profile, and a centre-near design. This innovative technology allows these lenses to deliver uninterrupted transitions from near to intermediate to distance vision.

This is sometimes also referred to as “simultaneous vision” because your brain learns to automatically select the right focus for what you want to see, so you can seamlessly see both near and far vision at the same time.

Near, Intermediate and Distance lenses
Why you’ll love them
  • Seamless vision up close, faraway and everything in between
  • There’s no need to switch to reading glasses – you can continue to enjoy the convenience of contact lenses
Who they’re suitable for
  • Those with presbyopia who wants a multifocal lens to provide clear vision at varying distances
  • Those who seek quality with the convenience of a daily disposable lens
  • New presbyopic contact lens wearers with concerns about comfort
What makes them great
  • Unique Precision Profile DesignTM provides clear, seamless vision at all distances near through far
  • Proprietary design featuring a unique water gradient material
  • Silicone hydrogel core with 33%# water content for high breathability*
  • Ultra-soft surface with nearly 100% water content so all that will touch your eye is a layer of moisture#

Ready to lose your reading glasses?

Ask your optometrist about TOTAL1TM contact lenses to help you see clearly at all distances, from near through far.

*High oxygen transmissible lenses, DK/T=156 @ -3.00. Based on published manufacturer- provided Dk and thickness values in: Tyler's Quarterly Soft Contact Lens Parameter Guide. Dec 2020.
#Based on laboratory measurements of unworn lenses. ~Professional fees may apply.


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