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Switch to the contact lens that feels like nothing*

Forget the 3 o’clock twitch with TOTAL1™ Contact Lenses.


Water gradient material makes the difference

The unique water gradient lens material, exclusive to TOTAL1 contact lenses forms a gentle cushion of moisture to support contact lens comfort. It is designed to gradually increase water content near the lens surface, approaching almost 100% at the outer surface of the lens, creating lenses so soft they feel like nothing.*.

Lens with water gradient cross-section

SmarTears® technology for tear film stability

This innovative technology features the intuitive release of an ingredient found in the natural tears from the lens into the tear film. SmarTears® Technology is designed to help deliver hydration support, thus prevent dryness even on your longest days.

Cross-section showing water gradient percentages

Ready to try a lens that feels like nothing*?

You can now try them for free.#


Simply sign-up with your email address and claim a 5-Day trials voucher on us. You can pick up your trial lens at one of 2000+ optometry stores across Australia & New Zealand.

Girl smiling


For those who want to experience contact lenses so comfortable, they feel like nothing^. These contact lenses are convenient and luxuriously comfortable.

TOTAL1TM Multifocal

For those who need a break from their reading glasses. These contact lenses are specially designed to help focus on things up-close for presbyopia, a condition that usually happens around age 40 as the lens of the eye stiffen.

TOTAL1TM for Astigmatism

The world’s first and only water gradient contact lens for people with Astigmatism, who want clear vision with excellent comfort.




Switch to TOTAL1™ and forget the 3 O'clock Twitch

Don't let contact lenses discomfort hold you back. Switch to TOTAL1 contact lenses and ditch the fluttery, scratchy contact lens moment.

*Based on nearly 90% of wearers agreed with the statement ‘while wearing these lenses I sometimes forget I have them on’ (Perez-Gomez) - Applicable to Sphere.
#Professional fees may apply.


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