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Make it easy for yourself and your eyes

Follow these tips for daily wear contact lenses to enjoy the optimal experience.

Proper care of your contact lenses is essential. A few simple habits are all it takes to safeguard your eyes and ensure the quality and comfort of your lenses. Ask your eye care professional for the best lens and eye care regimen for you.

Dailies lenses are easy to handle and care-free

    No matter what type of contact lenses you have, it is a good idea to follow these general tips:

    • Before handling, inserting or removing the lens, clean your hands with soap. Dry your hands with a clean lint-free towel.
    • Be careful when using cosmetics, lotions, soap, creams or deodorants. They may cause irritation if they come into contact with your eyes.
    • When wearing contacts, be careful using aerosol products such as hairspray.
    • Always insert your lenses before applying makeup and remove them before taking off your makeup.
    • Remove your lenses if they are exposed to an irritant or harmful vapour.
    • Always carry a spare pair of lenses with you.
    • Always keep a pair of recently prescribed glasses handy for those times when you may be unable to wear lenses.
    • Always keep a pair of glasses in your car.
    • Always replace lenses on time as directed by your eye care professional.
    • Do not use lenses past their expiration date.

    *Lens care applies to both Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solutions and Peroxide Cleaning & Disinfecting Solutions